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Dit nummer is 34 x live gespeeld .

Dit nummer is door 1709 gebruikers live gehoord.

Eerste keer gespeeld op: 21/04/2005

Laatste keer gespeeld op: 22/11/2005


Bruce Springsteen Sings the Alphabet

Episode: Leah


Afkomstig van de albums:


I wanna build me a house, on higher ground
I wanna find me a world, where love's the only sound
High above this road, filled with shadow and doubt
I want to shoulder my load, and figure it all out
With Leah

I walk this road, with a hammer and a fiery lantern
With this hand I've built, and with this I've burned
I wanna live in the same house, beneath the same roof

Sleep in the same bed, search for the same proof
As Leah

I got somethin' in my heart, I been waitin' to give
I got a life I wanna start, one I been waitin' to live
No more waitin', tonight I feel the light I say the prayer
I open the door, I climb the stairs...