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Soothe Me

Dit nummer is 2 x live gespeeld .

Dit nummer is door 1 gebruikers live gehoord.

Eerste keer gespeeld op: 09/08/1975

Laatste keer gespeeld op: 13/10/1977


Soothe me baby, soothe me
Soothe me with your kindness
For you know your powerful love is
Soothin' to me
Oh how I used to ramble
And how I used to roam
Oh but since I met that baby of mine
All I do is stay at home, and I tell her
Oh I used to have a lot of girls
Have them big and small
Oh but since I met that baby of mine
I know no other girls at all; I just tell her
(chorus x2)
It's so soothin' to me
Your love, babe, is soothin' to me


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