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A Night Like This

Dit nummer is 1 x live gespeeld .

Dit nummer is door 1 gebruikers live gehoord.

Eerste keer gespeeld op: 02/06/1974

Laatste keer gespeeld op: 02/06/1974


Well, the broken down dock
Where Little Angel, she dances topless at night down in Coral Inn
Along the satin couch, high above the bar
She watches the surfers drift in just to waste away, this night away
Oh, two IDs at the door
And you're tripped into wonderland, filled with South Shore cruisers
And blondies with false curvy features
And sandals
And soft hands

Ah, you meet a new girl and for a while, boy, you listen to the band
Oh, you got no money to get up, but you still got to dance
And, baby, it feels more honest making love, making love on the sand
She takes off her shoes, runs off in the night
You catch up with her, you take her hand
You lay your jacket down on the sand
And she tries to make it all right

Oh, dance on, dance on, Little Angel, dance
Oh, now, baby, don't laugh, oh, little girl, don't cry
Night after night, we searched, we searched for romance
Because on a night like this, we all die

Well across the street in the Shady Bell
Well, the fags come in to drink and to dance
Whoa, and the disco roller DJ blasts a solid beat
Strike a pose, everybody knows that you're the man
Whoa, the floors are just a sex machine
Whoa, as wet hands force themselves into tight pants
Well, that ain't gonna get her loose
But tonight you feel like taking a chance
And so you strut across the floor, and with your last breath, you say
"Baby, do you want to dance?"

Oh, the boardwalk is so quiet at three in the morning
Oh, and the wind blows life into a sleepy Ferris wheel
And somehow tonight, even the streets ain't so boring
Raped and ravaged, stripped and savage
With no secrets left to reveal, specially on the front

Now, the bars, they close down
And along the beach the lonesome army awaits you
Oh, the lost boys, they're waitin', watchin' her transformation, waiting to date you
And them lost boys, oh, they dress rough, skin and savage legs
They hide beneath the pier, gettin' hard, drinkin' beer, waitin' to kiss you
And once you're locked in their arms you wanna die
But baby they won't let you

Oh, turn up the house lights, Little Angel gets paid
And she goes in the back room to get changed
She's out the door, down the street
She turns the corner, towards her apartment
On the beach she hears the lost boys call her name
(Oh, Little Angel, bar angel, bar angel, Little Angel)

And so you gotta dance on, dance on through the night, Little Angel, dance
Whoa, baby don't look so frightened, and please, honey, don't cry

Because night after endless night, up and down this boardwalk we search for romance
But on a night like this, with one last kiss, we all die

Oh, all right
All night long
Go on, oh, you hurt me
Oh, all right, now


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